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Evelyn Marrero.
Graduate student at Bentley University.
Candidate for Masters in Accountancy.
Rio 2016 hopeful.
New Balance Boston runner
Bentley XC Volunteer Assistant Coach.
I was the 2011 cross country blogger for the
DII Northeast-10 Conference.
These are those posts and continuations of running and my life.
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Alexi Pappas cheering on Jordan Hasay during her 10k at the 2013 Payton Jordan Cardinal Invite. 

This is so freaking hilarious!


"Come on London, do it for Boston"

"Come on London, do it for Boston"

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City Parks Foundation Run For The Parks 4m April 21 2013

I run for..,Boston

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London marathon runners observe a moment of silence and wear black ribbons in honor of the Boston marathon.


London marathon runners observe a moment of silence and wear black ribbons in honor of the Boston marathon.

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Thankful to have such amazing friends, family and people willing to help those in need and risk their lives to protect us.

Couldn’t be more proud to be an American than I am now and to call Boston my home 


Prays and thoughts go out to those still recovering in Boston and those in Waco  

Was so close I could/should have touched Shalane!


YOU are more beautiful than you think!

Definitely, a must watch video


All day on Monday, as I traveled through Singapore, I thought about runners sleeping in Boston. 13 hours ahead, I was already post-race…My 3 pm Monday was their 11 pm Sunday. For friends, teammates, and our entire industry, it was marathon eve. Like Christmas for runnerds, I imagined bib numbers laid out, socks next to shoes, shiny packs of gu, and favorite shorts. I imagined insomnia and nerves and relief. I thought wistfully about my own bib number, waiting unclaimed at the expo, and my Boston-yet-to-be. I imagined Oiselle HQ gathering at 6 am for our West Coast viewing party. I thought about how it was at just such a party 2 years ago that I got inspired to qualify in ‘12 and race in ‘13. I thought about Desi and her insane performance…her strength becoming 10 times her stature as she devoured the course. I imagined family, Mac’s mom. I imagined Oiselle Team…Meghan, Elizabeth, Karen, Ellen, Amanda, Kelli, Stacey, Chris, Lisa, Erin, and Taryn. Mason with his family. Lauren and Shanna…each 7+ mos pregnant, cheering for two. Steph Rothstein, ready to throw down. I thought about Tish’s Runner’s World article about Shalane and Kara and how proud their friendship/rivalry makes me as a woman runner. Awesome, strong, fierce as hell competitive mojo right there. I imagined so many things. All positive. All joyful.

I tried to stay up and follow twitter. But it was too late. I had to sleep.

Little did I know I would wake to a nightmare.

-Sally Bergesen, Founder + CEO of Oiselle running apparel for women